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We are pleased to announce a breakthrough in heating and air- conditioning technology that creates hot and cold air on demand by circulating ambient air into a vortex that separates high and low air pressure streams. The patent (Pat. 11499760) for this novel innovation was granted on November 15, 2022. This project has been years in the making, and with funding, it is believed that this innovation can create the most efficient hot and cold airflow with the least amount of power consumption in the world. 


The issue with the HVAC sector today is that companies focusing on comfort and control solutions still use the same methods that were invented over 100 years ago. Refrigerants, chemicals, and heating elements that were supposed to be a temporary guide in helping to solve heating and cooling needs have now become an acceptable part of everyday life. Current times in midst of other various technological advances seem to suggest that the standards of the HVAC industry are outdated. A century later, we still pollute the environment with harmful contaminants that are slowly weakening the earth’s atmosphere.

The intention of this innovation is to introduce a new and simple concept that could very well be an alternative form of heating and cooling moving into the future. The Ducted Vortex System can potentially provide much-needed relief to our strained power grids across the United States. 

Ducted Vortex prototype DV-4


The time is now to begin to reverse the previous damage(s) done by an HVAC industry that has not changed its business practices in over a century. Ducted Vortex, Inc. is seeking an initial round of funding to create market-ready versions of prototypes to explore a new chapter of energy conservation and net-zero compliance. Our mission is to generate sustainable renewable energy by protecting the environment through creative engineering. To advance to the next stage of scientific progression, funding is needed to produce working prototypes that will intrigue investors and consumers alike.

We believe that the Ducted Vortex Heating & Cooling System could be the most efficient, lightest, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective heating and cooling solution in the world. Funding for a market-ready version is necessary to advance this innovation forward or completely rule it out as a viable solution to our heating and cooling needs.  

By pushing the engineering envelope to the limit by recycling energy that would normally be wasted, the Ducted Vortex Heating & Cooling System will provide a green and healthier solution to an outdated HVAC industry. The specifications of the Ducted Vortex Heating and Cooling System are not limited to only this type of application. Various versions can heat and cool homes, factories, barns, warehouses, boats, and automobiles. It is completely scalable to any size imaginable. 


Initially, we are starting with the window/wall unit assembly because it is the least expensive to perfect and most easily understood.

Please watch the explainer video below to see how this device works and what a market-ready version will look like and can ultimately achieve.  This is what will be completed with your investment funding.


An initial round of funding – $500,000 – to advance this innovation into market-ready versions that can be demonstrated proving that natural phenomena(s) can be harnessed to change the lives of millions of people for the better is a small funding goal. Once proper funding is achieved, each sponsor will receive a quarterly newsletter so that the progress of the entire project may be seen and accounted for. All funds will be greatly appreciated, and a list will be assembled of the various persons and companies that have participated in any funding efforts toward advancing this newfound technology.

Initial funding efforts will be geared toward producing multiple prototypes for live presentations, hiring grant writing professionals, opening a Ducted Vortex, Inc. facility in Jacksonville, FL, purchasing 3-D printers with rapid prototyping capabilities, hiring several key engineers assigned for specific tasks, perfecting, and implementing various parts of the device itself, and proper research into the various environments that these devices will operate. Click here for an itemized list of first-round funding goals

In appreciation of your contribution that could change the world and how people live, we would like to offer you a company plaque for our gratitude. If you would like to sponsor the entire project, we will offer your organization the second market-ready prototype. One of these first produced units’ historical value will be priceless. Participation in such a huge endeavor to improve the conditions of the world by exploring a new chapter in energy conservation will be recognized and greatly appreciated by all.

Sustainability Plan

All solid innovations should have long-term sustainability plans that lay out a detailed vision of the project goals. The plan moving forward with The Ducted Vortex System is to strategize and develop a well-organized business endeavor. As you look through every part of this project, it is very detailed and professionally managed. It is our intention to secure the first round of funding that derives from philanthropists, Nationally and locally, that support environmentally friendly projects focused on renewable energy and innovative engineering that can change the world.
Small incremental steps can be made by such innovations moving into the future by starting the trend to accomplish the goal of a net-zero carbon footprint made by humanity in the HVAC sector.
After the first round of funding is secured, the goal is to build out 5-10 market-ready prototypes. These prototypes will be instrumental in the success of this project. The initial cost(s) of development and manufacturing will be the most expensive because of the necessary steps to procure a perfect working model. However, once the first market-ready prototypes are completed, additional units will be made at an affordable price that is attractive to any customer base. 
When working prototypes are functioning at full capacity, a nationwide tour giving potential customers and investors a first-hand look at this groundbreaking technology will be a main focal point. This will allow several options to become available, including an initial outreach to use crowdfunding sources to raise millions of dollars. This will become an easier effort with market-ready versions on full display to use on a USA tour as catalysts for investor and consumer excitement. 
The news media, through television or newspaper discloser, to launch this campaign will also be a valuable resource to generate additional attraction to such a well-rounded and innovative project. Once the first units are produced applications for government grants will be professionally drafted that specific target funds for environmentally friendly and green technology. It is also a future option to take on Angel investors or even provide options to venture capitalists.
A UL-approved prototype will be the final goal, allowing pre-orders to be conducted to raise additional capital to move DuctedVortex, Inc. into the future. We are instilled with confidence that once an initial round of funding is secured to produce several market-ready prototypes for funding, there will be an unlimited supply of resources available to move this exciting innovation into its first residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Total commitment and full disclosure will be guaranteed as this amazing project is followed through.

How to contact, sponsor, or request additional information.

1) Contact us by phone and request additional information at 904-631-8499

2) Contact by mail at Ducted Vortex, Inc. Box 551293, Jacksonville, FL 32255

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4) For more information about the inventor, please see About Robert Wajda

This project is exciting and noteworthy to have a positive impact on the environment and the lives of millions of people. We hope your organization can help contribute to this environmentally friendly cause that can change the world.

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Individual Sponsorships

In order to build out the market-ready versions for a tour across the country, we need to raise $500,000. We need your support and every sponsorship gets us closer to our goals. All sponsorships will receive a quarterly newsletter and thank you letter. 

All sponsorships over $1,000 will receive a custom contribution plaque with your name and contribution amount. If you would like to sponsor this amazing environmentally friendly project, you can do so by clicking the option below. 

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