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The Ducted Vortex is a natural Heating and Cooling System that uses Eco-Friendly Green Technology that has no adverse negative effects on the environment. In comparison to modern HVAC Systems, this innovation has eliminated the need for a compressor, heating elements, and all refrigerants.  This is done by creating a self-contained vortex that separates the high and low pressure to create hot and cold air on-demand. 

This net-zero compliant innovation has been simplified to exist with very few moving parts and is scalable to any size. The unit is also the first-generation HVAC that recycles wasted mechanical energy and converts it directly into electricity which is added back into the unit. We are currently seeking funding to advance the project to the market-ready stage. If you would like to be part of this project, let us know in the investor relations section. 

Broad Impacts

The necessity of utility heating and ventilation with air-conditioning HVAC Broad impacts are so far-reaching in the scope of this innovation that the ozone layer itself will begin to heal more rapidly due to the environmental impact of the proposed system. The Ducted Vortex System creates the ability to accelerate the goal of reaching net-zero carbon, focusing on reducing CO2 emissions and refrigerant pollutants into the atmosphere. Remaining mindful of environmental responsibility, the Broad Impacts of the proposed innovation will bring new meaning to the metaphor ‘The Sky is the Limit.’

The Broad impacts of the presented novel innovation are truly inconceivable until a firm understanding concerning the fascinating effects that utility application could offer for USA society at large. Creating an entirely new industry based on Ducted Vortex technology, from the ground floor, will be exciting and provide an exceptional HVAC industry standard for heating and ventilation with air-conditioning consumer applications. American job growth opportunities will be part of Ducted Vortex, Inc.’s business model, focusing on environmental protection and economic solutions. (More Information)

Prototype DV-4

The specifications of the Ducted Vortex Heating and Cooling System are not limited to only this type of application. We have versions in the works that can heat and cool homes, factories, barns, warehouses, boats, and automobiles. It is completely scalable to any size imaginable. We are starting with the Window/Wall unit because it is the least expensive to perfect and easily understood.  (See alternate commercial applications below)

Scalable Technology for Future Applications – The system could potentially heat and cool warehouses, barns, homes, factories, and maybe even football coliseums. It is scalable, uses very little power, the possibilities are endless. 

In the market-ready version, there will be a digital controller that controls the entire machine automatically with smartphone technology or advanced remote control. Once we complete the window/wall unit, we will work on the future applications above. 

“Proof of Concept” Prototype DV-4 (Pictured above) – The next prototype will be (DV-5) the

market-ready version as shown in the explainer video.

Why do we need your support?

The concept from the beginning (the early development stage) was recognized as having enormous potential by contributing to so many positive levels of environmental and humanistic standards of concern. With proper funding, this innovation alone could improve the lives of millions of people in their personal spheres of daily life. This can be accomplished because the system does not need much operating power.

The drive to bring the Ducted Vortex Heating and Cooling System to fruition was founded upon compassion for those who will benefit most – The Social and Economic Statuses That Are Most Strained Economically and Environmentally. In developing countries, there are major problems with health, hunger, disease, and poverty. 

In every prototype, proof of concept has already been proven. The time Is now for proper first-round funding to advance this innovation into the next age of humanity that contributes to the dual factors of social economic and environmental concerns alike.  Click here for our Investor Relations section

3D Printed Prototype DV-4 Outside Window View

The Ducted Vortex has a sleek design that does not take up the entire window.  The technology is scalable so it can be made into any shape or size. The front of this prototype measures 12″H X 24″W and can be downsized further. Enough room is left so that maintenance on the inside in manageable. 



In its simplest form, the Ducted Vortex Heating and Cooling System draws in ambient airflow and diverts it through a series of delivery tubes. As it enters the rotating spin chamber, each supply of air travels through custom baffle tubes. These tubes are optimized to create a perfect self-contained vortex with the least amount of airflow.

As the air enters the rotating spin chamber, it can only travel toward the front of the device. As the V-Cone assembly is closed, it compresses the vortex and the less dense hot air molecules are forced out the front of the device. At the same time, the more dense cold air molecules have nowhere to go but to circulate around the V-Cone toward the path of least resistance. This creates an inner vortex of cold air directly through the center of the outer less dense vortex which is spinning around the perimeter of the main airflow separation tube. 

The Ducted Vortex Heating and Cooling System are designed to be straightforward with very few moving parts. The first goal is to build a market-ready window/wall unit that produces hot and cold air on demand. While the unit is cooling the inside of the room, the heat is exhausted to the outdoors. The process is reversed when heating the inside. We expect this unit to be one one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems in the world. 

A light, economical, and affordable system that is visually appealing is the ultimate goal. High-impact market opportunities can be developed from this untapped potential once this system has been perfected.

At the front of the unit is a heat pump exchanger which can change the direction of the hot and cold air by simply flipping a switch.

When placed into a window or wall, the unit allows cold or hot air to enter the room while venting the opposing air to the outside of the home.



Robert Wajda Patent 11699760

The United States Patent Application Number 42,485,125 was filed on April 19, 2021. This application is a continuation-in-part of Ser. No. 63,018,221, filed Apr. 30, 2020. US Patent # 11499760 was issued on November 15, 2022. You can download the patent here. 

The system is designed to be simple with very few moving parts. Once the first round of funding is secured, a market-ready version will be produced with the aim of manufacturing commercially viable systems.

The Broad Impact this innovation holds provides the ability to facilitate an unsurpassed capability in advancing towards many opportunistic paths within the HVAC marketplace and arena once utility applications have been shown to prove efficiency. Designs with descriptions will prove a true-to-life Ducted Vortex System can function more efficient than traditional HVAC. R&D material conducive to a better understanding of Ducted Vortex technology will be presented to qualified scholars.

Future Implications

The invention is not limited to the scope in this description and covers all aspects of scalable heating and cooling solutions in its preferred embodiment.

Unless otherwise defined, all technical and scientific terms used herein have the same meaning as commonly understood by one of ordinary skill in the art to which this invention belongs. The instant invention may be embodied in other specific forms without departing from the spirit or essential attributes thereof, and it is therefore desired that the present embodiment be considered in all respects as illustrative and not restrictive.

As an example, the above sketch is a scaled system to fit into a residential home. It can also be scaled to fit commercial buildings and warehouses.

This innovation is truly a unique project design in and of itself with forethought that is the cornerstone into another chapter of energy conservation. Not only is it an alternative source for heating and cooling, but it is also a potential market disruptor that will possibly challenge the HVAC industry and showcase technology concepts that are fifty years ahead of time. With proper funding, a novel innovation will begin to take pronounced form in an organized fashion.



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Green Eco-Friendly Technology that has minimal adverse effect on the environment

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