Frequently Asked Questions

1Does it really generate hot and cold air just by spinning air?

Yes! That’s exactly what it does. It spins air very fast and creates hot and cold air on-demand. The unit is also the first-generation HVAC that recycles otherwise wasted mechanical energy and converts it directly into electricity which is added back into the unit.

Interestingly, the "vortex phenomenon" was already proven in the early 1930s. Scholars and scientist ruled that technology out as too inefficient, and size was limited to about 6 inches. The Ducted Vortex, however, uses very little power and is scalable to any size.

2How much power does it consume?

Even with the current prototype (DV-4) and the smaller fans, the inventor has created warm and cool air using less than 100 Watts of power. The current prototype presentation used less than 200 Watts.

With advanced computer circuitry controlling the device, we expect the market-ready version to be more efficient than any air conditioner in the world. Our goal is for it to operate around 100 watts with the energy recycling feature. We also anticipate a "Energy Saving Feature". The vortex already moves the airflow at a very fast speed without any puller fans. The front and back blower ducted fans are unnecessary for economy mode.

This will allow the unit to be operated off grid from a battery, solar panels, or a wind turbine. We have high expectations and need to raise approximately $500,000-$1,000,000 to get a market-ready version.

3How close are you to a market-ready version?

We are very close and have completed (4) working Prototypes. The next prototype will be the market-ready version that will go on tour across the country. The only thing holding back a market-ready version is capital. We need to raise between $5000,000-1,000,000 to get the window/wall unit market ready.

Once market-ready version is available, we will revisit Kickstarter and launch a presale campaign. For now, we are generating awareness, disclosing the project, and searching for the right funding match. This project will come to life and will be a reality. Please visit for all future updates.

4How hot and cold will the market-ready version get?

We can get the market-ready version as hot and cold as we line. We certainly don't want to burn or freeze anyone with it. The temperature will be controlled by the speed of the fans, the position of the inner baffle tubes, the position of the V-Cone assembly, and the length of the Main Airflow Separation Tube. Currently, these are all controlled manually.

We expect to keep the hot between 90°F-110°F and the cold 60°F-40°F. Keep in mind that with sophisticated computer electronics, we will have full control over the temperature. We want it to be above and below what is currently available to consumers so they can use a "rapid heat" and "rapid cool" feature.

5What are the self-cooling electronics in the explainer video?

Great question. No matter if the system is heating or cooling, it will always create hot and cold air as a biproduct that can be used for other purposes. It is our intention to create a constant stream of cold airflow from the cold side to always blow over the electronics. We have run experiments on this, and it will be a great feature.

If one of the units is heating in the artic, it will still create cold air when it is creating hot air. This cold air will flow over the electronics to keep them cool and running smooth and efficient.

6How did you come up with this invention?

Full details of how it was invented are located at the following address: (

7Do you have a Sustainability Plan?

Yes. Every solid project should have a long-term sustainability plan. Our plan is strategic and well-organized. Our intension is for the first round of funding to come from philanthropists that support environmentally friendly projects, renewable energy, and innovation that can change the world.

Our Sustainability Plan is located at the following address: Sustainability Plan - Ducted Vortex -