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The Ducted Vortex HVAC system is a Green Eco-Friendly Technology that has no net adverse effect on the environment. We have eliminated the need for a compressor and all refrigerants by creating a contained vortex and separating the high and low pressure to create hot and cold air on demand.

round 1 -Funding goals


The innovation process is expensive and the first round of funding for this unique project has specific goals. In order to achieve a presentable version ready for market-ready applications, objectives must be obtained. Below is an itemized list of goals for the first round of funding.

1) Apply For Additional Patent Applications – During the development of all current and future prototypes, additional discoveries will be constantly documented. It is our intention to file patent applications for these additional discoveries as they continue to unfold during the Research & Development of said innovation. Funds will also be used for USPTO office actions, fees, and additional patent related expenditures. 

2)  Finalized Prototype DV-5 For Live Presentation – Each new prototype brings a market-ready version closer to reality. A goal is to produce 10 working prototypes as conceived in the explainer video above. These prototypes will include the advanced rotating spin chamber, a working automatic heat pump exchanger, and computerized electronics that will operate the entire climate control for the most optimal internal vortex. Once completed, the prototypes will take a tour around the country exciting live presentations.

3)  Hire Professional Grant Writers – This technology is green environmentally friendly Net Zero compliance technology. It is eligible for more millions of dollars in grant money. It is our intent to hire a professional grant writer and go after all available funds. We have already registered with the US Government.

4) Open A New Facility – Currently, we have a humble small office with connecting warehouse. A proper facility that is secured and will allow growth to the next level of development is essential for future progress.

Future Location


Future Visualization -With the purchase of new equipment, additional space is needed and we intend to upgrade facilities immediately after the first round of funding has been secured. Wherever the new location is, we will proudly display the Ducted Vortex Green Environmental Technology logo as shown above.

With the purchase of new equipment, additional space is needed and we intend to upgrade facilities immediately after the first round of funding has been secured. Wherever the new location is, we will proudly display the Ducted Vortex Green Environmental Technology logo as shown above. Purchase our newsletter package and you can watch us grow from the foundation up. 

5) Purchase 3-D Printers With Equipment For Rapid Prototyping – Rapid prototyping has been critical in the speedy growth of this project. Advanced 3-D printers will allow  perfection to our technology at an incredible rate.

6) Hire Several Key Engineers Assigned For Specific Tasks – We need to contract at least three engineers for specific tasks. Fluid dynamics, electrical, and mechanical engineering are a must for product development to continue.

7) Perfect And Implement The Rotating Spin Chamber – The Rotating Spin Chamber is one of the key elements to the success of this project. The next prototype (DV-5) will have computerized electronics and a magnetic levitating system that contributes to the rotating spin chamber’s main function and design.

8) Noise Reduction – Several manufacturers can already make quiet ducted fans to our specifications and it is our intention to find the best candidate for the project moving forward. These fans will be unique and smaller than anything on the market because of the specific application they will be used for.

9) Professional Explainer Videos – With new groundbreaking technology, it is very important to have professional explainer videos to relay your message to the public. As you can see by the professionalism of our explainer video, we have secured one of the best 3D Video animation contractors in the world. In addition, we also have one of the best graphic designers in the world working for our company as well.

10) Perfect And Implement The Heat Pump Exchanger – The Heat Pump Exchanger reverses the hot and cold air to the front and back of the unit. It will be specifically designed for the market-ready version. It will be an automatic process with sophisticated electronics that control the flow of air throughout the unit. 

11) Find The Best Material To Build Rapid Prototypes – The goal is to find lightweight, solid, and dependable materials to manufacture parts that meet customers’ needs. 

12) Build A Complete Market-Ready Prototype For UL Inspection – The expectation is to have a complete market-ready prototype available for testing shortly after the first round of funding.


Commitment From The Inventor

Total commitment is guaranteed to follow this project through, leaving no options un-turned when considering environmental impacts and potential customers. From conception, this project has grown every step of the way and will continue to enhance its capabilities and design with proper funding being secured.


Individual Sponsorships

In order to build out the market-ready versions for a tour across the country, we need to raise $500,000. We need your support and every sponsorship gets us closer to our goals. All sponsorships will receive a quarterly newsletter and thank you letter. 

All sponsorships over $1,000 will receive a custom contribution plaque with your name and contribution amount. If you would like to sponsor this amazing environmentally friendly project, you can do so by clicking here.

Market ready version will create a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants into the environment.

The technology uses renewable energy and has minimal use of natural resources.

The ducted fans use a low consumption of energy and have a low impact on the environment.