We are in the early stages of product development and we need your support. We have already completed the necessary research, patents, proof of concept prototypes, CAD / Solid Works prototypes, and we are ready to build the market-ready version in the opening explainer video. We have received the Issued Patent from the Patent and Trademark office. We have this technology locked for 20 years. This will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop the market-ready version. We are searching for supporters, contributors, and sponsors to get to that level. If you would like to contribute to this wonderful project that can change the world, please visit our individual support page located here.

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The biggest risk in any innovation or development of new technology is not taking any risks. The existing form of HVAC has survived the test of time through reliability. The ingenuity presented provides a better form of heating and cooling with ventilation, while excluding well-known harmful refrigerants from contaminating our planet’s ozone layer. Once reviewing this site thoroughly, one must consider the details provided and ask the responsible question “Is this novel innovation something worth investing in?” We are creating hot and cold air on demand by spinning air. That alone is an amazing accomplishment. 

After considerable time and procurement of necessary steps to make this innovation a reality, the primary goal is to achieve proper funding to build out a market-ready unit. This project is in the very early stages of product development and our business model is to proceed very carefully.

At the moment, this is a ground-floor endeavor that seeks funding that fulfills both a fiduciary responsibility of the companies mission statement and ethical concerns of the future of the HVAC industry moving into a new era of green innovation. 
If you want to sponsor this technology, please let us know. You can send your sponsored check to Ducted Vortex, Inc. at the address below. We appreciate any contribution you can make, and it will be used to advance this technology to the next level 

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