Heating and Cooling with Green Renewable Technology


The Ducted Vortex Heating and Cooling System is an Eco-Friendly Green Technology that has no adverse negative effect on the environment. In comparison to modern HVAC Systems, this innovation has eliminated the need for a compressor and all refrigerants.  This is done by creating a self-contained vortex the separates the high and low pressure to create hot and cold air. This Net Zero compliant innovation has been simplified to exist with very few moving parts and is also scalable to any size.

The engineering tailored behind the current heating and air-conditioning industry has progressed slowly since its inception in the early 1900s. There have been many attempts to replace traditional HVAC with new concepts, but all have proved elusive to provide sufficient means for utility heating and cooling purposes. Currently, there are scientific undertakings to create a real-world impact on the environment directed towards changing the current HVAC technology. The novelty of the outlined details an innovation that produces hot and cold air for residential and commercial utility applications.

Modern air conditioning uses a refrigerant, a compressor, a condenser, evaporator coils, a blower, and a heavy frame. Heating uses a fuel, a thermostat, a furnace burner, a heat exchanger, and a filter rack. Combine those two undertakings and you have the existing HVAC system. With the goal of creating hot and cold air for comfort, what if there was an easier more economical way to create produce hot and cold air?

Your home is the perfect mixture of the hot and cold air you select. The Ducted Vortex Heating and Cooling System filters ambient air and isolates the hot air from the cold air to comfortably heat and cool your home.

This is the first generation of smart heating and cooling systems that creates hot and cold air on demand. The unit also recycles wasted mechanical energy and converts it directly into electricity which is added back into the unit.

The unit is designed to be low maintenance, environmentally friendly, efficient, lightweight, and is visually appealing. This novel product has been years in the making and we are ready to turn this project into a reality.  We are currently seeking our first round of funding and we need your support!




In its simplest form, the Ducted Vortex Heating and Cooling System draws in ambient airflow and diverts it through a series of delivery tubes. As it enters the rotating spin chamber, each supply of air travels through custom baffle tubes. These tubes are optimized to create a perfect self-contained vortex with the smallest amount of airflow.

As the air enters the rotating spin chamber, it can only travel toward the front of the devise. As the V-Cone assembly is closed, it compresses the vortex and the less dense hot air molecules are forced out the front of the devise. At the same time, the more dense cold air molecules have no where to go but to circulate around the V-Cone toward the path of least resistance. This creates an inner vortex of cold air directly through the center of the outer less dense vortex which is spinning around the perimeter of the main airflow separation tube.

At the front of the unit is a heat pump exchanger which can change the direction of the hot and cold air by simply flipping a switch.

When placed into a window or wall, the unit allows cold or hot air to enter the room while venting the opposing air to the outside of the home.


The Ducted Vortex Heating and Cooling System is designed to be straightforward with very few moving parts. The first goal is to build a market ready window/wall unit that produces hot and cold air on demand. While the unit is cooling the inside of the room, the heat is exhausted to the outdoors. The process is reversed when heating the inside.

Advanced CAD files have already been created to begin this incredible process. Constant development with this novel technology will continue to be explored throughout its various phases of progress.

A light, economical, and affordable system that is visually appealing is the ultimate goal. High impact market opportunities can be developed from this untapped potential once this system has been perfected.



The United States Patent Application Number 42,485,125 was filed on April 19, 2020. This application is a continuation-in-part of Ser. No. 63,018,221, filed Apr. 30, 2020. An International Patent Application (PCT) is forthcoming to protect intellectual property further.

The system is designed to be simple with very few moving parts. Once the first round of funding is secured, a market-ready version will be produced with the aim of manufacturing commercially viable systems.

The Broad Impact this innovation holds provides the ability to facilitate an unsurpassed capability in advancing towards many opportunistic paths within the HVAC marketplace and arena once utility applications have been shown to prove efficiency. Designs with descriptions will prove a true-to-life Ducted Vortex System can function more efficient than traditional HVAC. R&D material conducive to a better understanding of Ducted Vortex technology will be presented to qualified scholars.

Future Implications

The invention is not limited to the scope in this description and covers all aspects of scalable heating and cooling solutions in its preferred embodiment.

Unless otherwise defined, all technical and scientific terms used herein have the same meaning as commonly understood by one of ordinary skill in the art to which this invention belongs. The instant invention may be embodied in other specific forms without departing from the spirit or essential attributes thereof, and it is therefore desired that the present embodiment be considered in all respects as illustrative and not restrictive.

As an example, the above sketch is a scaled system to fit into a residential home. It can also be scaled to fit commercial buildings and warehouses.

This innovation is truly a unique project design in and of itself with forethought that is the cornerstone into another chapter of energy conservation. Not only is it an alternative source for heating and cooling, but it is also a potential market disruptor that will possibly challenge the HVAC industry and showcase technology concepts that are fifty years ahead of time. With proper funding, a novel innovation will begin to take pronounced form in an organized fashion.



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Green Eco-Friendly Technology that has minimal adverse effect on the environment

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